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01-URCold   02-LRCough    03-OpenBronchi    05-Head Ac  06-Allerjen   07-StomachAc   10-HeartClear    11-CholeClear   

12-Sleep     13-Advanced Clear  14-HepC     15-Advanced Defense   17-AntiDep    18-Prost   19-JointTendon   20-TheNeck 

21-MuscleOveruse   23-OsteoBone   24-MenoChange   25-NeuroFix   26-BeforeMenses   28-TheEndometrium  29-Dysmeno   30-Pregnancy Egg&Embryo  

32-Blemishes   33-EczeDerma   35-Psor Skin    36-For Hair   37-Skin Herp   38-GlucoseBalance  39-MaleFunction   40-EasyStool   41-Blood Pressure   

42-Chem/Red Support     43-OncoTea   44-TheBack    45-SlowGI   46-Qualityof Life   47-Diet    49-Dermrash    50-NoseDrops   51Stop Smoking   52Detox   53Women's Treasure 54Herbal Massage Ointment


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1) Dr. Kang is trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. He knows the traditional functionality of the herbs and their interactions as well as the pharmacological impact they make physiologically. He made these formulas to treat specific internal diseases with both medicines (Western and Eastern) in mind to ensure total effectiveness and safety.

2) These formulas are made from exceptionally high quality, all-natural herbs that are custom-grown from the finest Chinese sites. They are dried without preservatives, chemicals, irradiation or fumigation.

3) Herbs for each formula are cooked together for full interaction of ingredients to ensure the most potent integrated compound possible. Herbs are extracted at a ratio of 5-7:1 and dried strictly under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions for consistent quality. Dr. Kang’s Formulas contain no lactose, sugars, carriers, flow agents or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOS).

4) The fine ingredients within each capsule dissolve quickly and completely in water, and within the body--- unlike competitive tablets and unrefined brands that often remain undigested and wasted.

5) All procedures for selecting the most effective herbs, and their subsequent cooking, extraction, concentration and drying are under the direct supervision of Dr. Kang and Dr. Liang at all times, meeting stringent requirements for the proprietary methods and formulas that ensure that Dr. Kang’s Formulas work.


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