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Dr. Kang Formula 21 -Muscle Overuse

Jiao Gu Lan - Gynostemma pentaphyllum Herba

Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae uralensis Radix

Dang Gui - Angelica sinensis Radix

Hong Jin Tian - Rhodiole rosea Radix


To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet in the presence of muscular aches and cramps due to overuse. Also for those interested in muscular strengthening.

From the Western scientific perspective regular exercise provides many profound changes in anatomy and physiology. On the muscular level, several changes occur in muscle tissue. First, there is an increase in the size and strength of the muscle fibers. Secondly, there is an increase in the vasculature (arterioles, venules and capillaries) surrounding and penetrating the muscle tissue. Third, there is an increase in organelles such as mitochondria and an increase in the rate of enzyme activities. All of these changes ultimately take weeks, months and years to take place. During the early stages of exercise programs or learning a new sport, people may feel painful build-ups of lactic acid in their muscles. Their muscles have not yet adapted to the new demands by building new vasculature and mitochondria. Some people also experience some soreness due to strain on the surrounding connective tissues. A lack of circulation in newly exercised muscles may also lead to cramping (involuntary contractures.)

This formula improves circulation to remove the lactic acid from the tissues and to prevent cramping. The formula is also designed to improve oxygenation of the tissues and prepare the muscle tissues for extra work and endurance. The formula also improves nighttime tissue growth and repair. In these ways, the formula is designed to support muscle strengthening when taken during a new exercise program.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 capsules, two times per day: morning and evening.

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For use in muscle aches and cramps due to overuse
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