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Dr. Kang Formula   23-Osteo Bone

Bu Gu Zhi Cullen corylifolium Fructus

Tu si Zi - Cuscuta chinensis Semen

Shou Di Huang - Rhemannia glutinosa Radix

Xu Duan - Dipsacus asper Radix

Gu Sui Bu - Drynaria fortunei Rhizoma

Huang Qi - Astragalus membranaceus Radix

Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae uralensis Radix

Dang Gui - Angelica sinensis Radix

Du Zhong - Eucommia ulmoides Cortex


To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet in the presence of osteoporosis.

The Western scientific perspective of osteoporosis is that two categories exist. By definition osteoporosis is a progressive decrease in bone tissue mass to unit volume, resulting in skeletal weakness sufficient to allow for fractures with normal activity. Type I osteoporosis is found in people between 51 and 75, with women outnumbering men 6 to 1. Type II osteoporosis, more gradual and age related, is found in people over 70 years with women out numbering men 2 to 1. Type II represents less than 5% of all osteoporosis and has a wide range of predisposing factors.

Western treatment with supplements of calcium and vitamin D and with weight bearing exercise have been disappointing. Estrogen (or other steroid) therapy for postmenopausal women has been a relatively successful treatment but with many serious side effects, not the least of which has been increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Estrogen therapy for the male sufferers would not be an appropriate option.

From the TCM perspective of osteoporosis the Kidney is concerned with bone development and Bone Marrow production. The Kidney governs the growth and functional activities of the skeleton which depends upon nourishment from the Bone Marrow which is, in turn, produced by the Essence stored in the Kidney. Any condition, including old age, that decreases Kidney Qi (Yin and Yang) may decrease bone strength.

TCM Indications: Insufficiency of the Kidney Yang, marked by lassitude in the loins, legs and feet, or backache, knee pain, other joint pains, cold feeling in the body, feeling tired, dysuria or polyuria.

Tongue: Swollen and pale tongue.

Pulse: Feeble pulse or deep and faint pulse.

This formula targets both men and women by warming and tonifying Kidney Yang and increasing bone matrix synthesis (strengthening the bone.) Use of this formula in China has been successful at preventing bone thinning and by increasing bone density and does not rule out concurrent use of Western treatment protocols.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 capsules, two times per day: morning and evening.

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For use in osteoporosis
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