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Dr. Kang Formula  40- Easy Stool

Dang Gui - Angelica sinensis Radix

Huang Qin - Scutelaria baicalensis Radix

Sheng Ma - Cimicifuga dihurica Radix, var. of Actaea dahurica

Chai Hu - Bupleurum chinense Radix

Chun Gen Pi - Ailanthus altissima Cortex

Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae uralensis Radix


To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet when treating hemorrhoids.

The Western scientific perspective describes hemorrhoids or piles as varicosities of hemorrhoidal plexus veins complicated by inflammation, thrombosis and bleeding. Under the anal and rectal mucosas, a number of veins act as collateral connections between the portal and the systemic venous systems. These hemorrhoidal veins lack valves so that increases in intra-abdominal pressure can readily bring about varicosities and other venous injuries. Symptoms include bleeding following defecation, protrusion of the veins and pain. One can observe external hemorrhoids as purplish masses covered with skin that become more prominent when the patient strains during defecation. Internal hemorrhoids are multiple, soft, purple, irregularly shaped masses covered by a thin rectal mucous membrane which may be ulcerated and bleeding as the principal sign or symptom.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees this dysfunction arising in part from weakness of Zang and Fu (viscera) and attack of Wind Damp. Febrile toxins dormant in the body cause downward Qi and Blood movement and then accumulation and stagnation of Qi and Blood in the anus. Then internal Dry Heat moves downward to the Large Intestine. This dysfunction also arises in part from an irregular diet made worse by fried, hot-spicy food, lack of fruits and vegetable to provide dietary fiber. Other causative factors include sitting too much, carrying too much weight, and walking for too long a distance all of which can lead to Qi and Blood stagnation in the anus.

TCM Indications: Syndrome of excess Heat and Toxicity with Middle Qi collapse of Middle Warmer energy marked by constipation, very painful anal area, hemorrhoidal swelling, hemorrhoidal bleeding, internal hemorrhoidal prolapse, and itching.

Tongue: Yellow fur.

Pulse: Bowstring pulse.

This formula successfully addresses the causative factors described above by clearing heat and detoxification to remove Qi and Blood stagnation. The formula also has an astringent action as it increases circulation. The formula lifts up the Middle Warmer energy. It also reduces irritation and itching as a result of the above actions.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 capsules, two times per day: morning and evening.

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For hemorrhoid use
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