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Dr. Kang Formula 46 -Quality of Life

Hong Jin Tian - Rhodiole rosea Radix

Huang Qi - Astragalus membranaceus Radix

Shan Zhu Yu - Cornus officinalis Fructus

He Shou Wu - Polygonum multiflorum Radix

Jiao Gu Lan - Gynostemma pentaphyllum Herba

Yin Yang Huo - Epimedium grandiflorum Herba

Lu Rong - Cervi colla Cornu

Shou Di Huang - Rehmannia glutinosa Radix (cooked)

Gou Qi Zi - Lycium barbarum Fructus

Rou Cong Rong - Cistanches deserticola Herba

To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet when trying to bring about longevity and improve the quality of life in an otherwise normal individual.

From the Western perspective the beginning of aging is noted as a decline in physical performance and integrity of tissue structure beginning just after the peak of maturity. The decline of aging may proceed quickly or slowly depending on the degree of balance in the lifestyle. Mental lucidity and emotional development may increase despite the physical decline. The causes of mental decline and senility at the end of life are still unclear in Western science. Also, there is no clear strategy or protocol for increasing vitality or slowing the aging process.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the decline of bodily vitality is due to the deficiency of the Vital Essence and Qi deficiency of the Five Solid Organs and Six Hollow Organs resulting eventually at the end of life in senility. Also there are pathologic changes that occur in Organ Qi and Blood Qi caused by emotional disturbances, improper diet, fatigue, excessive sexual activities and so on. An additional cause of aging would be due to a period of long serious illness or becoming sick very often and not completely recovering. The pathogenic factors of the sickness affect the Organs and cause Primordial Qi weakness.

TCM Indications: Weakness and lassitude of extremities, general debility, shortness of breath, disinclination to engage in activities, graying hair, decreased sexual energy, and dry wrinkled skin.

Tongue: Pale tongue with thin fur.

Pulse: Soft and small pulse.

This formula is very balanced in all of its dimensions and can, therefore, be taken regularly by people from middle age through to very old age.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 capsules, two times per day: morning and evening.

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46-QualityOfLife (out of Stock)

To promote longevity and improve quality of life, stengthen the body, nourish the kidney and liver
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