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Dr. Kang Formula 33-Ecze Derma (internal)

Ku Shen - Sophora flavescentis Radix

Tu Fu Ling - Similax glabra Rhizoma

Huang Lian - Coptis chinense Rhizome

Huang Bai - Phellodendron amurense Cortex

Ye Ju Hua - Chrysanthemum indium Flos

Fang Feng Saposnikovia divaricata Radix (Formerly Ledebouriella sesloides)

Chan Tui Crytotympana pustulata Periostracum (Cicada slough)

Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae uralensis Radix

Di Fu Zi - Kochia scopaaria Fructus

Bai Xian Pi - Dictamnus dasycarpus Radix Cortex

To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet when treating eczema (including acute, subacute, chronic forms of eczematous dermatitis).

From the Western scientific perspective the etiology of eczematous dermatitis is unknown though varieties of these conditions can be associated with allergic reactions belonging to the Type IV Delayed Hypersensitivity reactions. For example, there may be reactions to food, medicine, bacteria, animal hair, and pollens, and delayed reactions to metal alloys, chemicals (insecticides, preservatives), plant oils and so on. Most often the course of disease is delayed with a pleomorphic rash with exudate and easy recurrence. Acute forms of dermatitis involve red raised skin, heat, itching, along with many, small vesicles. Rash areas increase with increased exudation upon scratching. This acute form must be treated or the skin will lighten, become dry, develop scabs, develop silvery scaling and ultimately will enter the subacute stage of eczema. If still not treated successfully, this will then enter the chronic stages of dermatitis with chronic inflammations. The chronic forms may be associated with thickened skin, wrinkled skin with scaling, infiltration, and pigmentation, but the major symptom is strong itching. Different locations may show different etiologies and presentations. For example, eczema of the external auditory canal occurs easily with fungal infections. Eczema of the breast often happens during lactation and includes broken skin and pain. Eczema of the anus and scrotum often involve acute swelling or skin erosion due to scratching or overuse of soap. Eczema of the lower leg often has ulcerative erosion, and recovery is difficult.

According to Chinese medicine the various eczemas are an accumulation of Wind Heat with the pathogenic Wind factor coming from the exterior. The combination of Wind, Dampness and Heat attack the skin. The main cause of disease is the Dampness which is sticky, heavy and mutable. So diseases of the skin may take a long time to heal, and their presentations can go through many changes. The chronic forms of dermatitis are due to a deficiency of Blood nourishing the skin. The internal stasis of Dampness which is the main cause of this disease comes about due to Blood and Yin deficiency. The disease presentation then shifts to dryness. Wind, stagnation of Wind and dry and wet Heat all block the Blood from nourishing the skin. This leads to the chronic eczema presentations described above: skin thickening, scaling and so on.

TCM Indications: Various types of eczema due to Dampness and Wind stagnation in the skin marked by itching, red rash, vesicles (small water blisters), erosion, dry scaling skin, and skin thickening.

Tongue: White greasy fur.

Pulse: Soft pulse.

Acute care clinical TCM research in China shows that this formula effectively relieves inflammation, resists bacterial and fungal infection, has anti-histamine effects, and supports normal autonomic nervous system vegetative function.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 Tablets, two times per day: morning and evening. Apply external formula twice per day.

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For use in all forms of eczematous dermatitis
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