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While our company officially came into being in 1991, Dr. Kang and  Dr. Liang realized the need for good quality Chinese herbs in the U.S. in the 1980s. The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco invited Dr. Kang to teach as a part of the clinical faculty. Dr. Kang left Shanghai’s hospital #1 as Chief of TCM in 1987 to teach Chinese medicine in San Francisco, where at that time he realized that he could not effectively treat the clinic’s patients with the herbs available. So Dr. Liang began shipping small amounts of high quality herbs from Shanghai, China shortly after Dr. Kang’s arrival. Great interest developed in those high quality herbs, and they began shipping full containers of herbs by the early 1990s.

Since 1991, Dr. Kang and Dr. Liang learned many lessons about herbal procurement. The initial discovery was that they needed to visit remote growing regions and farmers rather than rely on the large central herb markets. Throughout the 1990s, Asia Natural has worked directly with farmers and university trained agronomists to find the sources of the main top quality herbs of Chinese medicine. It meant traveling from the eastern provinces of Jilin and Shangdong to the Western provinces of Gansu and Sichuan and going to remote growing sites rather than relying entirely on provincial capital government officials to place orders with farmers. Our president, Dr. Liang, OMD, goes to and represents the actual sites and pays cash to farmers and procurers for herbs that she selects. Over the years Asia Natural has developed friendly relationships and can represent farmers and procurers in more than six provinces.

Included in our company's work are the herb growers & procurers in more than six provinces of mainland China, in the primary growing sites. Dr. Liang (our President). Emmanuel Segmen (general manager) is responsible for communicating with purchasing departments, QA officers and research and development scientists as well as U.S. government agencies.  

Dr. Liang travels to China regularly to meet with growers and prepay their harvests. Currently we have six sites in Nei Mon, Jilin, Sichuan, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Gansu as well as Hebei and Shandong for herbal procurement and inspection. We plan to grow to more sites as needed. We maintain from 5 to 6 containers of dried herbs in our San Francisco warehouse at any given time, and we have containers on the sea coming to San Francisco in all non-summer months.

Our goal here is to provide the top functional herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a chemical-free format with the best possible prices.  

Further more, in 1999 Dr. Kang decided to produce a line for practitioners and patients that presents the best and most useful formulas from his lineage as from his acute care experience both in China and in America. For detail information about Dr. Kang's Formulas, Please click here.


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