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Dr. Kang Formula 29-Dysmeno

Yan Hu Suo - Corydalis yanhusuo Rhizoma

Pu Huang - Typha angustifolia & lactifolia Pollen

Wu Yao - Lindera strychnifolia Radix

Dang Gui - Angelica sinensis Radix

Shan Zha - Crataegus pinnatifida Fructus

Chai Hu - Bupleurum chinense Radix

Chuan Xiong - Ligusticum wallichii Radix

Xiao Hui Xiang - Foeniculum vulgare Fructus

Yi Mu Cao - Leonuri heterophylli Herba

Bai Shao - Paeoniae lactiflorae Radix

Gan Cao - Glycyrrhizae uralensis Radix

To be used as a supplement to a balanced diet during, or preceding, painful menses also known as dysmenorrhea or menalgia.

From the Western scientific perspective primary or functional (not acquired) dysmenorrhea or menalgia is described as pain preceding and during each cycle of menstruation without demonstrable lesions on the reproductive structures. Pain may be mild to severe and may precede menstruation by as much as two to three weeks. Most commonly a dull constant lower abdominal pain precedes menses, may become more intense during menses, peaks at about 24 hours after the onset of menses, and then usually subsides after two days. The most intense pain is usually associated with crampiness and may radiate to the lower back or legs. In most cases the worst discomfort lasts about 5 days but may be preceded by as much as two weeks of pain in some individuals.

The etiology of the pain in primary dysmenorrhea in Western terms is thought to be from uterine contractions and ischemia mediated by prostoglandins produced by the endometrium and oxytocin. Also passage of tissue through the cervix may contribute. The most effective Western drugs are prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors.

In Chinese medicinal terms pain at all stages is due to abnormal or obstructed Qi and Blood. Congenital foundation weakness can affect the Chong and Ren Channels. Liver and Kidney deficiency affects the Essence and Blood and causes the uterus to lose its nutritional (Essence and Blood) support. Another etyology is Kidney Qi deficiency causing weakness and Cold, which is made worse by drinking ice water or eating too much cold food which leads to Blood stagnation in the uterus. If there are emotional changes, this is evidence that Liver stasis has led to Qi and Blood stagnation.

TCM Indication: Dysmenorrhea due to the accumulation and stagnation of Blood and Qi, and also due to deficiency and Cold in the Chang and Ren Channels; pain in the lower abdomen with tenderness.

Tongue: Tongue has dark purplish margin.

Pulse: Deep and uneven pulse

This formula is directed at the relief of pain, at overcoming Qi and blood obstructions and at restoring the normal circulation of Qi and blood. The formula successfully treats the discomfort prior to menses as well as the more severe discomfort that accompanies menses.

*These statement(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended Dosage = 2 to 3 capsules, two times per day: morning and evening.

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for use preceding or during painful menses
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