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Dr. Kang is a lineage Qi Master in Tui Na with special abilities to address trauma. He also carries many generations of formulas specific to dermatology and as well as others that address internal medicine. He is the 1st of his lineage to attend medical school. He attended Shanghai Medical University of T. C. M., and graduated in 1970. 

He then worked at Shanghai Hospital #1 in each service specialty sequentially arising to the top of each service. In 1975 he was appointed to be the Chief Medical Officer of the Dept. of T. C. M. at Shanghai Hospital #1 at age. This position is reserved for T. C. M. clinicians viewed as overall masters both clinically and academically. Dr. Kang held this position for 14 years until 1985 when he came to the United State to be a clinical professor at the American College of T. C. M. in San Francisco, CA. The American College of T. C. M. performed a search in the mid-1980's for top Chinese clinicians.       

Dr. Kang has decided to produce a product line for practitioners that represents the best and most useful formulas from his lineage as well as from his acute care experience both in China and in America. The formulas listed in this book represent the heritage of Dr. Kang's life work and his lineage as well as the heritage of T. C. M. as practiced in the hospital setting in Shanghai. Each formula initially derives from many generations of Kang family doctors, and Dr. Kang got to further test and research each formula in the acute care hospital setting. Dr. Kang's 20 more years of clinical experience in America has allowed him to adapt his formulas to American patients with typically American lifestyles. 

The herbs used in these formulas were selected from top growing sites by Dr. Liang,  whose work is to identify T. C. M. herbs with the top medicinal function. Over the past ten years Dr. Liang's work has taken her from the growing regions of Jilin and Shandong Provinces in the east of China to Gansu Province in the west and all places in between.






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